Brief, quick-check report providing the following information from public records research, on Panamanian and foreign companies registered in Panama:

  1. 1. Name of the corporation.
  2. 2. Panamanian taxpayer number (known as RUC in Panama).
  3. 3. Address, phones, fax numbers recorded in directories.
  4. 4. Incorporation data: public deed number, date, notary public number.
  5. 5. Status: in good standing or dissolved, with registration dates.   If dissolved, public deed of dissolution, date, notary public number.
  6. 6. Subscribers' names and ID numbers.
  7. 7. Number, names of actual directors and officers, with any addresses microfilmed or scanned at the Public Registry Office in Panama City.
  8. 8. Proxies appointed or powers of attorney granted, if registered.
  9. 9. Resident Agent (Panamanian lawyer or law firm), including street, mailing addresses, phone, fax numbers, email, URL addresses, if any.
  10. 10. Brief details of the last (document) public deed registered.

Optional Services: PRINT-OUT PAGES

Brief information on company as recorded and retrieved, printed in Spanish, with an attached plain English translation.

  1. 1. Microjacket or Folio Number.
  2. 2. Name of the corporation.
  3. 3. Details of Public Deed of Incorporation (Charter).
  4. 4. Resident Agent (just the name).
  5. 5. Microfilm or scanning Data.
  6. 6. Capital.
  7. 7. Legal Representative.
  8. 8. Directors, Officers, Subscribers (just the names).
  9. 9. Right to sign (if registered).
  10. 10. Details of Power of Attorney (just the name, if registered).

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