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Document Retrieval Services

From the Public Registry Office
Certificates of good standing of Panamanian and foreign companies, properties, plain and certified copy documents (public deeds) of companies.

From the National Archives of Panama
Plain and certified copy documents (public deeds).

From the Panama Maritime Authority
Ships and vessels are no longer registered at the Public Registry of Panama. Documents and certificates now issued and printed by this office.

Documents are now apostilled (Apostille, Convention de la Haye du 5 Octobre 1961).) Authentications available also by foreign consulates of those countries not parties of the Hague (Haye) Convention

From Notaries Public offices
Certified copy documents (public deeds).

We have the expertise and know-how needed by business information agencies, management consultants, auditors, law offices, private investigators, information brokers, corporate and public records researchers

Main Services


Company Quick Search Report

Brief, quick-check report providing the following information from public records research, on Panamanian and foreign companies registered in Panama

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Certificates of Good Standing Panama

Under the word "Service", please type the letters assigned to the certificate wanted, followed by the names of the corporations, ships or individuals for checkout at the Public Registry Office or the Panama Maritime Authority:

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Civil Registry Certificates Panama

Written, scanned authorization with identification (to be sent by email), now required to request certificates or certified full text copies of birth, marriage/divorce, death. Full names required (please no initials). Even documents with apostille or authentication may be necessary.

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Annual Franchise Tax of Panamanian companies

The Annual Franchise Tax (Tasa Unica Anual) is paid by all Panamanian and Foreign Corporations (or Foundations) registered at the Public Registry Office of Panama. It is the only tax paid by Panamanian Offshore (Non-Resident) Corporations or entities.

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