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Panama Info-Doc Services S.A., is an information and document retrieval service provider in Panama City, Republic of Panama, providing public records on-site search, for overseas clients needing urgent information on:

  • Panamanian and foreign companies registered in Panama, specially offshore companies.
  • Ships registered under the Panamanian flag.
  • Properties located in the Republic of Panama.
  • Any other information retrievable from Public Records in Panama, on companies and persons.

On-Site Search: It is mainly conducted on public records, also on computer files, both written in Spanish language. Our reports are meticulously produced and printed in English language. We help our clients get urgently that very important information that is only available in the Republic of Panama.

Document Retrieval Services: 
From the Public Registry Office: certificates of good standing of Panamanian and foreign companies, properties, plain and certified copy documents (public deeds) of companies.

From the Panama Maritime Authority: Ships and vessels are no longer registered at the Public Registry of Panama. Documents and certificates now issued and printed by this office.

From Notaries Public offices: certified copy documents (public deeds).

From the National Archives of Panama: plain and certified copy documents (public deeds).

Authentications:  Documents are now apostilled (Apostille, Convention de la Haye du 5 Octobre 1961).) Authentications available also by foreign consulates of those countries not parties of the Hague (Haye) Convention. 

Expertise:  We have the expertise and know-how needed by business information agencies, management consultants, auditors, law offices, private investigators, information brokers, corporate and public records researchers.

Thank you for visiting our website. Your inquiries welcome!

Panama Info-Doc Services, S.A. 
Panama City,   Republic of Panama.

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  1. Corporate Record Investigative Report. 

  2. Registration Summary Report (from corporate records, Public Registry Office). 

  3. Company Quick Search Report.

  4. Service: Certificates of Good Standing of Panamanian and foreign companies. 

  5. Directorship Report. 

  6. Commercial License Investigative Report. 

  7. Service: Apostille (Convention de la Haye du 5 Octobre 1961) in Spanish, with an attached plain English translation. 

  8. Service: Authentications of documents by foreign Consulates. 

  9. Service: Certified translations: from Spanish into English. Other languages on request. 

  10. Service: Document retrieval: plain and certified copy documents (public deeds), certificates of good standing from the Public Registry Office, certified copy documents (public deeds) from Notaries Public offices, plain and certified copy documents from the National Archives of Panama.

  11. Service: Postal or private air courier to any destination in the world for shipping of certificates and certified copy documents.

Click here to view the Contents of Reports and Services 

Since July 11, 1999.